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Managing VM Scale Sets (VMSS) with Powershell and ARM templates

Azure VMSS (Virtual Machine Scale Sets) A VMSS is an ARM based resource, and can be thought of as a container for building a scalable set of similar machines from a common image. In this post I’m going to show how to build an ARM template to reference and deploy your own custom VM image into a new VMSS. The… Read more »

Managing DocumentDB with Powershell

I thought it worth sharing this post, because as well as giving you the right information for calling the DocumentDB APIs from Powershell, it also gives a basis for being able to call any RESTful web API from a Powershell script – which is particularly useful for things like creating custom VSTS Build and Release tasks. The task I wanted… Read more »

Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)–Build and Release task Powershell Extensions

The VSTS vNext Build and Release systems are a huge improvement in terms of usability and maintainability on the previous XAML based system.  In a previous post I’ve covered a walkthrough that shows how to use the Build and Release systems to create a continuous delivery process to deploy Azure resource groups using the built in tasks.  In this post,… Read more »