About the author

russell2I’ve been around computers for a long time – when I was 8 years old my dad introduced me to the Sinclair ZX-80 – I was hooked, and then followed a series of new tech throughout my school years: Sharp MZ-80K, MZ-80B, ZX-Spectrum, Commodore 64, 128 then the Amiga 500.

The Amiga was the first tool where I started to build multi-user online applications (for bulletin-board systems like 01 for Amiga- the www wasn’t really a thing back then!)  Then professional life – an AS/400 operator for a year or so, then C/C++ developer for the same company before becoming a development contractor.

Following contracts at Siemens, Glass’s and IBM, I decided to startup a small development company with a specific application in mind for the motor industry.  The product was well received, and I made an exclusive licensing deal with Audatex in the UK, and joined them as a consultant software architect.  After 15 years there and reaching the post of Regional Product Development Director, I started to get more involved with Azure at the enterprise level.

I’ve always been an analyst developer, and still am, I’ve kept my coding going through the years both in-work and on various ex-career projects, such as Sportenza, a web and mobile based racket sports league management system.

Like C++ was to C, and .net was to MFC, I believe Azure is a significant game-changer, and a solid cloud strategy are the most effective ways for any company to run their IT operations, and hence decided to make the move to Microsoft and specialise in Azure development engineering and consultancy.

My aim with this blog is to twofold – firstly to try and write up the bits and pieces that I think might save other people some time if they come across the same challenges; and secondly to broadcast any new technologies, products, concepts or services that I feel passionately enough about to write about.

I don’t just sit at a computer all week – I have a fantastic wife and daughter, am a keen road cyclist and squash player, and spend hours taking my cocker spaniel out for long walks in the New Forest.

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/russellyoung